Country Cool Comedy is a laugh out loud comedy show that leaves you wanting more. Trish Suhr, Leanne Morgan and Karen Mills are all headlining comedians who deliver knockout performances. It’s comedy for better or worse and it’ll keep you laughing at yourself as you relate to their experiences. These friends have worked theaters across the country and at every stop they delight audiences, eat at Ruby Tuesdays and shop at TJ Maxx.

Trish Suhr is the definition of a multitasker. She’s a nationally touring comedian, host of Daily Draw on the Game Show Network, co-host of Pop Talk on Air with Ross Mathews as well as being a spokesperson for Bed Bath and Beyond. Trish has also partnered with Pledge, Breathe Right, Bissell and numerous other brands. As “The Yard Sale Diva,” Trish appeared in over 200 episodes of the Emmy winning makeover show “Clean House” where she helped families across America clean, declutter and get organized! Trish has delivered her comedic take on life on numerous television shows including Good Morning America, Good Day LA, Good Day NY, and The Ricki Lake Show as well as commentary on CMT, E!, Lifetime & Hollywood Today Live. A native of Kentucky, this Emmy winner and social media influencer, now lives in Los Angeles where she uses her southern sensibilities to navigate the big city. Trish puts the “southern” in Southern California.

Leanne Morgan - One of the great things about stand-up comedy is the widely varied circumstances under which people get started. Leanne was raised on a farm in rural Tennessee and after graduating from college, getting married and starting a family, her husband moved her to the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. To earn extra money, Leanne started doing jewelry shows in people’s homes. Suddenly her calendar was booked solid, not for the jewelry, but because she was so funny! Her hilarious storytelling has taken her to Theaters and Performing Arts Centers across the country, landed her on numerous tv shows and gotten her development deals with ABC and Warner Brothers. Her comedy special, “So Yummy” is currently streaming on VidAngel. Her videos on Dry Bar Comedy have surpassed 30 million views and she can be heard daily on Sirius / XM Comedy Channels. Leanne recently released a podcast called “Sweaty and Pissed... Menopause and More.” And to think, it all started with jewelry!

Karen Mills has spent a lifetime entertaining. First as a point guard, “Little Mills” was always a crowd favorite. She started playing basketball in the 3rd grade and eventually earned a full scholarship to the University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga. In 1981, she led the nation in assists and became the first Division 1, first team All American in UT-Chattanooga’s

history. Karen looks for the funny in any situation. Even ovarian cancer couldn’t stop her from turning pain into punchlines and in 2106 she was chosen to present her talk “Cancer is a Laughing Matter” at TEDxChattanooga and she was recently featured on Robin Robert’s “Thriver Thursday.” Karen can be heard daily on Sirius / XM Comedy Channels and her comedy special “Pink Pants” was just released on VidAngel. Karen’s videos on Dry Bar Comedy have gotten millions of views and in October, she performed at The Grand Ole Opry for “Opry Goes Pink” along with Carrie Underwood and other legendary performers.

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